Live Review: Ten Things We Learnt at Falls Festival – Lorne (30.12.2011 – 01.01.2012)

10. Get in early.
Falls Festival announced its line up in July and ticket sales followed soon after. You can’t decide to go to Falls (Lorne location) at the last minute, since tickets usually sell out within a week of going on sale. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t organised, I had to buy tickets from Ebay. For $100 more than the original sale price.

9. Check your tickets before arriving.
Since said tickets were purchased from Ebay and from someone I assume made profit by re-selling them, there was a mix up. We received four day tickets instead of three day tickets. If we’d realised sooner, we could have had an extra day there.

8. Don’t ask people about their exes.
When we spotted triple j radio announcer, Tom Ballard, in the crowd he was nice enough to stop and have a chat. My friend was then nice enough to mention Tom’s ex, comedian Josh Thomas, who had done a stand-up routine earlier in the day. Tom wasn’t that keen to talk to us after that.

7. Even Artic Monkeys make mistakes.
At about 11:58pm on 31st December, Arctic Monkeys walked off stage mid-set. We were left in darkness for five minutes without explanation. The band came back and Alex Turner told us they thought someone else was going to do the New Year countdown but “apparently not”. We pretended we hadn’t missed it, counted down together and then danced to ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’. It was all good fun but it would have paid to be sure about what was happening before their set started.

6. You will always end up with funny tan lines…
No matter how much sunscreen you put on.

5. Young MC can still ‘Bust A Move’
And did it while wearing a Socceroos jersey. Respect.

4. Don’t expect good coffee.
Festivals just don’t have it.

3. Bring your earplugs…
If you want to get any sleep. The music goes as late as 6am and could be heard clearly from the campsite.

2. Go with a fun group of people.
There’s nothing better than camping for three days at a festival, with good friends who love music as much as you do.

1. If heaven exists, I know what it’s like.
It’s dancing and singing with your best friend, while Tim Finn performs Split Enz and Crowded House songs under the stars. His set brought back memories from festivals past and gave me a big case of childhood nostalgia.

The number of events to choose from on New Year’s Eve can be overwhelming but if you’ve been to Falls Music and Arts Festival, it’s likely you’ll go back. A road trip or flights are necessary to attend if, like me, you live in Sydney. The festival has two locations: one in Lorne, Victoria and the other in Marion Bay, Tasmania. The journey adds to the fun but it’s the destination that makes it worthwhile.

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I'm an Australian living in New York. I work in marketing but I write about music, New York, and my own personal experiences.

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